Once the Endodontic procedure is completed and the tooth has had a proper permanent filling placed by your general dentist, the treated tooth should give you many years of unrestricted, pain-free use. However, in some cases, this same tooth may become sensitive to chewing or exhibit swelling, leading patients to wonder if they need another root canal on the same tooth! Here are some factors that help your endodontist determine whether you need another root canal.

Re-Infection or New Decay

One of the primary reasons for needing root canal treatment redone is re-infection. Healthy untreated teeth, and those that have been endodontically treated, are sterile, i.e. no bacteria. If bacteria re-enter the tooth via a cracked, broken, or faulty filling or crown, the root canal space can become recontaminated and cause inflammation or infection below the tooth. You may experience spontaneous pain, pain in chewing, or swelling. 

Contact Your Philadelphia Endodontist

It is essential to schedule an appointment with your endodontist to evaluate the cause of your discomfort and the possible need for retreatment. In most cases, you can still keep your tooth and have it for many years to come. When in doubt, please give us a call at 215-375-7113.